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“100% Personalised & Customer Focused English CV Writing & Interview Training.”


“Hello and A Warm Welcome To JobCoachingForYou”

My name’s Karl, a native English speaker from Manchester England, now living in Nürnberg since Feb 2010.   Previously a head-hunter and English language trainer, I am now providing my customers with English job interview training and a English CV writing service. I thank you for showing an interest and visiting my website.  Want to get to know me, learn about my credentials & professional experience plus much more?  Then click here.

What Do You Get from my Interview Coaching & CV Writing?

    • Professional & effective CV’s and application docs that will increase your chances of getting an interview.
    • Boost your chances of landing your English speaking job via my authentic and customised interview training .
    • Communicate using clear, powerful, persuasive English .
    • Beat your fears, build your confidence & adopt a winning attitude.
    • Discover the differences that make the difference.
    • Stand out from the crowd, make a big impression and grab the hiring manager’s attention.
    • Create rapport and connect with your audience.